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THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO TRAVELING once you don’t have any cash
How to Travel once you don’t have any cash

I recently asked subscribers of my news report concerning the quantity one issue that holds them back from traveling. The near-universal answer?


This is one thing I hear from everybody I speak to: “Matt, I merely don’t have enough cash to travel.”

This downside — and the way to beat it — is my most asked question. I even have answered this question in a very overplus of posts, emails, tweets, and Facebook posts. long-run readers would possibly even be obtaining disgusted ME discussing this subject as a result of its one I quote most. however I do know notwithstanding however usually I address this question, it’ll come back up once more.

Since this question comes up therefore usually, I prefer to perpetually cue individuals of this fact:

You do not get to be wealthy to travel.

Let’s repeat that.

You do not get to be wealthy to travel cheaply.

There square measure many ways in which to travel low cost or at no cost. There square measure many ways in which to travel around the world once you don’t have any cash if you’re willing to be inventive.


The Ultimate Guide to low-cost Travel
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Traveling the planet with no cash appears like an overseas dream, AN not possible dream. however it’s attainable, and you’ll be able to couple responsibly while not breaking the bank. It ought to be aforesaid that there square measure some expenses you shouldn’t compromise on (like travel insurance) however their square measure plenty of ways in which you’ll be able to travel the planet on a budget — together with many ways in which you’ll be able to truly travel at no cost.

In this post, I’m reaching to show you 2 things:

How to travel low cost
How to travel at no cost
Wondering what the distinction is?

Traveling low cost is all concerning taking advantage of useful apps and websites that prevent cash, finding ways in which to lower your expenses, and even creating cash as you travel. It’s concerning finding a price and lowering your expenses whereas still having the ability to afford to try and do what you wish.

Traveling at no cost entails taking advantage of free accommodation, transportation, and activities that square measure already out there and reducing your price to zero. Here you sacrifice comfort and convenience to increase your travels as long as attainable.

Travel doesn’t need to be high-priced. With the correct budget and therefore the right mindset, you’ll be able to build your travel dreams a reality. albeit you don’t earn heaps otherwise you have debt, there square measure still many ways in which to travel overseas. they will not be fancy or luxurious, however, if travel is your priority then you’ll be able to undoubtedly build it happen!

Ready to kick-start your budget travels and save money? simply click on either of the links below to leap on to that section!

Table of Contents

Getting employment Overseas
Teaching English Overseas
WWOOFing and Farm Work
Use the Sharing Economy
Cooking Your Own Meals
Getting a Rail Pass
Sleeping in giant edifice Rooms
Student Discounts
City commercial enterprise Cards
Selling Your Services
Travel Hacking
Finding Free Accommodation
Free Walking Tours
Using Your Social Network
Primer on Travel Hacking
Travel Hack Your thanks to Free Flights!
Stop paying full price! transfer our free guide to travel hacking and find out how I travel the planet for free!

How to Travel the planet for reasonable
a someone viewing a mountain
Follow this final guide to travel prudence and see the planet on the ultra-cheap:

1. Get employment Overseas
Not creating enough cash at your job? Why not get employment overseas? There square measure many opportunities within the world as long as you aren’t meticulous — and finally, this isn’t a career you’re beginning, it’s simply the way to earn cash for travel.

Here square measure some jobs you’ll be able to get once you travel:

Au pair – AN alien may be a live-in caregiver UN agency helps a bunch family by taking care of their kids and doing a little basic work. In exchange, you get free space and board and little earnings. this is often a good route if you’re wanting to be told a brand new language.
Bartender – It’s invariably five o’clock somewhere, therefore if you’ve got the abilities then this is often a simple job to maneuver overseas. It’s conjointly a simple job to induce below the table if you choose to travel that route.
Hostel employee – Hostel staff seldom stick around for long, which implies there’s invariably a requirement for brand spanking new facilitate. It’s good thanks to meet different travelers whereas adjusting to a brand new location. you’ll be able to typically conjointly embark as a volunteer (in exchange for a free room) to avoid visa complications.
Waitress/waiter – There square measure plenty of seasonal restaurants around the world that require further facilitate throughout the busy traveler months. If you’ve got experience, this is often a simple job to search out abroad.
Farmworker – whereas hardly glamourous, if you don’t mind the diligence this is often a good thanks to build heaps {of cash|of cash} in a very short amount of your time (as you won’t have time to pay your money as a result of you’ll be farming go into the center of nowhere!). This job is extremely widespread in Australia and New Sjaelland.
Dive teacher (some certification required) – If you’ve got your certification, this is often a simple job to travel with as dive instructors square measure required everywhere. better of all, these jobs square measure typically in picturesque tropical locations!
Tour guide – If you’ve got a natural endowment for history and don’t mind speaking ahead of teams, this is often the proper job for you. It’s conjointly typically a money job, which implies you get your tips directly.
Cruise ship employee – this is often a way additional formal position, however, it’s a good thanks to travel. The hours square measure long, however, there’s one thing to be aforesaid concerning living at sea!
Casino employee – whereas this would possibly need some coaching if you’re an evening raptorial bird and don’t mind the casino scene this is often a fun job to figure abroad.
A seasonal employee at ski resorts – Instructors, edifice workers, edifice workers, lifeguards — ski resorts would like all types of workers to stay things moving, creating this a goldmine for the overseas someone (as long as you don’t mind the snow!).
Yacht employee – whereas the hours are often long, you’ll be able to build nice cash operating for the wealthy and renowned on their yachts. better of all, you’re typically in some pretty wonderful destinations!
Working overseas usually gets discounted as AN possibility as a result of it looks exhausting to try and do. It’s not. simply be open. These jobs don’t need advanced degrees or heaps of labor expertise either. square measure you reaching to get some high-paying workplace job? No. can you get a bad, low-wage job that may pay all of your travel bills? Yes! I’ve met individuals from all walks of life, each from Western and non-Western countries, funding their travels this manner.

2. Teach English Overseas

One of the simplest ways in which to form cash for travel is to show English overseas. you’ll be able to build heaps of cash teaching — I replenished my travel funds whereas operating in Thailand and that I have had friends leave Asian country with tens of thousands of bucks within the bank. All you would like is the ability to talk English fluently and perhaps a TEFL degree, reckoning on the country you’re employed in. the planet is craving for lecturers, and this is often employed in high demand; several corporations in Asia can even pay money for your flight over.

Additionally, there square measure several websites and services out there that enable you to show nearly. As long as you’ve got a good wi-fi association, you’ll be able to facilitate individuals to learn English from anyplace within the world!

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3. Do WWOOFing and Work on a Farm
WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It’s a platform that enables you to figure on a farm in exchange at no cost space and board. It’s a good thanks to seeing a destination in-depth whereas permitting you to commune with the nice outdoors. you’ve got to pay to induce to the farm, however, once you’re there, everything else is covered! It undoubtedly can assist you to travel low cost similarly as have novel expertise and meet several cool individuals.

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4. Use the Sharing Economy

Use the sharing economy to search out cheaper accommodation, way-out tour guides, rideshare choices, and home-cooked meals with native chiefs. you’ll be able to bypass the standard travel business with sharing economy websites and gain access to locals victimization their own assets and skills to become little commercial enterprise corporations with cheaper costs. Moreover, locals grasp wherever to search out deals. They grasp that grocery store is least expensive, that stores supply the simplest sales, and wherever to search out the spot restaurants and bars with the tastiest food at very cheap costs. Talking on to them provides you access to its data.

These websites have modified the travel game and created travel additional accessible to everybody.

Here square measure a number of my favorite websites:

Airbnb (accommodation)
Vayable (tours)
BlaBlaCar (ridesharing)
EatWith (meals)

5. Cook Your Own Meals

The best thanks to saving cash on the road are to cook all of your own meals. I recently spent $60 USD for a week’s value of groceries in the capital of Sweden rather than a mean of $15 USD per meal consumption out! That’s a saving of $150 USD! If you’re Couchsurfing, your host can in all probability have a room, as do several hostels, campsites, and guesthouses. No kitchen? Pack your own instrumentality and tableware and build some sandwiches and salads on the go. Not each meal needs a stove, right?

Just because you’re traveling, it doesn’t mean you would like to eat each meal. You won’t ruin your trip to Paris if you choose to not eat one day! There’s merely no reason to be disbursement several cash on food on your trip!

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6. Get Rail Passes

Rail passes (like Eurail) square measure a good thanks to saving cash once it involves train travel. If you’re traveling around the region for a short while, rail passes can seemingly be less expensive than simply booking individual journeys. If you’re booking individual journeys, booking previous time will typically prevent concerning five-hundredths of the value of a ticket. However, that fixes you to a group timeline. If you don’t wish to be tied into a set schedule, rail passes will prevent heaps of cash whereas supplying you with the flexibleness you would like. I’ve saved many bucks in Europe doing this!

7. Sleep in giant Dorms

Large hostel edifice rooms square measure the most cost-effective paid accommodation out there. If Couchsurfing isn’t your issue, this is often your next best thanks to saving cash on an area to sleep. the larger the edifice, the cheaper it’ll be. whereas a 4-6 bed edifice would possibly provide you with additional privacy, a 12-18 bed edifice goes to be a touch cheaper. within the end of the day, this may add up. As long as you’ve got earplugs, select the larger door to stay your budget intact!

8. Use Student and different Discount Cards

Are you a student, teacher, or below 26? Welcome to the planet of 50%-off attractions and an overplus of discounts. Get a student/teacher/youth card and save big! albeit you’ve recently graduated, likelihood is you’ll be able to still get by together with your terminated ID card (as long because it doesn’t have AN end date). invariably raise if there square measure discounts on the market for college kids or youth as this is often a simple thanks to saving plenty of money as you travel around!

9. Get town traveler Cards

If you propose on seeing heaps of sights in a very town, you must get a town commercial enterprise card. These can provide you with discounted and/or free access to the most important attractions and museums, similarly to free public transportation. I saved over $100 with the London pass, $80 with Paris repository card, $50 with a port card, and tons additional with different town commercial enterprise cards. they’re an incredible thanks to saving cash on attractions that not enough individuals use. simply head to the native commercial enterprise workplace to search out out what cards square measure on the market. they’ll facilitate answer all of your queries and ensure you save the maximum amount of cash as attainable.

10. Sell Your Services

Need some cash? Use Craigslist, TaskRabbit, Upwork, or Gumtree to search out those who would like a number of things done around the house and find paid to assist them. It’s the way to form cash once you travel while not committing to a long-run job. in addition, if you’ve got a talent, sell it. supply haircuts to different travelers, busk for cash, give on-line services like redaction or consulting. The sky is the limit here! you’ll be able to conjointly facilitate individuals to learn your linguistic communication through apps like Duolingo.

How to Travel the planet at no cost
a someone viewing the Louvre
Looking to travel for free? Here square measure all the ways in which will build that happen:

1. Travel Hack and find Free Flights!

I hate once individuals tell ME they can’t afford to fly. There square measure such a large amount of ways in which to earn free flights recently. check-in for a number of travel credit cards, collect miles, so fly at no cost. Most cards supply sign-up bonuses of fifty,000 points — ANd if you check-in for each an airline card (e.g., a United airlines card) and a general rewards card just like the Chase Sapphire or American Stock Exchange card, you’ll be able to mix the 2 purpose balances and find an inexpensive flight quicker.

By collection points and miles through MasterCard bonuses, sensible everyday disbursement, on-line surveys, bonuses, and different ways, you’ll accrue plenty of miles even before you’ve left for your trip. you’ll be able to go heaps more within the world once you subtract the value of flights and a few accommodations.

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2. keep at no cost

There square measure several services that connect travelers with locals UN agency square measure willing to allow them to stick with them at no cost. victimization these sites, you may ne’er need to pay money for accommodation. Years past I examine a bloke UN agency traveled for years whereas solely Couchsurfing. I’ve used this service concerning ten times and invariably meet wonderful individuals. generally you get a space, generally a couch, generally AN mattress, however, it’s invariably free. There are native Couchsurfing cluster meet-ups which will assist you to build friends in your new town.

Moreover, attributable to the increase of the sharing economy within a previous couple of years, their square measure currently websites that allow you not solely stick with locals, however, share rides, meals, train tickets, gear, and far more! These websites not solely prevent plenty of cash however they conjointly get you off the traveler track and into the native life. Win-win! Here may be a list of internet sites to use at no cost accommodation:

Global Freeloaders
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3. Hitchhike

Hitchhiking may be a free thanks to getting around that’s comparatively safe and quite common in several components of the planet, together with Central America, Scandinavia, Japanese Europe, Australia, and New Sjaelland. I’ve hitchhiked in additional than a couple of nations (and i do know solo feminine travelers UN agency have done the same!). Sure, it’s a nasty name in North America, however with some logic and a touch of patience, you’ll be able to ride virtually anyplace — saving you plenty of cash within the process!

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4. Take Free Walking Tours
Want to be told concerning the town, get your bearings, and see the most important sights? Take a free walking tour. you’ll be able to notice them in ninetieth of the most important cities in Europe, and there are a number of in giant Asian cities, South America, New York, Australia, and New Sjaelland. to search out these tours, raise the native traveler workplace, your hostel workers (or simply walk into a hostel and raise concerning them), or Google “Free walking tour (city name).” simply take care to tip at the end!

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5. House sitting

Can’t afford your vacation? Watch someone’s house whereas they are going on theirs! you’ll be able to check-in for one in all the sites below and watch people’s homes (and usually their pets) at no cost, permitting you to remain in one destination for a short while not having to pay money for accommodation. Everyone’s account is verified therefore you recognize you won’t get cheated. this is often a good platform for long-run travel with a crucial supplementary bonus: you get room to cook your food (which saves you even additional money!). Here square measure the simplest house-sitting websites to envision out:

Trusted Housesitters
Home Exchange
House Carers
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6. Use your social network
Does your colleague have a relative in Spain? or even you’ve got an overseas relation UN agency lives in New Zeland. or even a childhood friend of yours is functioning down in Brazil. These days, we have a huge social network of friends and family that stretches across the world. Don’t hesitate to use that! raise your co-workers and friends if they grasp anyone wherever you’re going. Get your female parent to raise her co-workers and friends, too!

Not solely is that this a chance to search out free accommodation however you’ll get to act with an area and choose their brain concerning the destination, supplying you with additional in-depth expertise. Then, once you begin traveling and meeting individuals you’ll have your own network of friends across the world UN agency will assist you as you travel onward. Of course, you’ll wish to re-pay the favors as you go, however, this is often a good thanks to building nearer relationships whereas saving you some additional.

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Between all of those tips, you’ll be able to travel for comparatively very little cash. After all, I’ve spent 5 days in the capital of Sweden on $100 and once spent ten days in London at $700.

If I will couple, you’ll be able to the couple too!

Whether it’s 2 months, two years, or simply a two-week vacation, travel doesn’t get to price a large addition of cash. The secret’s to induce out of the mindset that you simply should travel employing a flight/hotel combination. victimization out-of-the-box, untraditional ways in which to travel will cause huge savings.

With touch creativeness, patience, and apply, you’ll be able to travel the planet at no cost (or a minimum of terribly cheap). It’s attainable if you follow these travel tips!

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